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4 Skin Hacks That Transformed My Skin

Written by olivia sepel

Struggling with acne can be a frustrating and challenging. Hormonal levels have a lot to do with acne, but sometimes the issue is compounded by bacterial concerns. As someone who has faced this battle firsthand, I became obsessed with finding effective solutions to keep my skin clear and blemish-free. Bacteria-driven inflammatory responses often play a significant role in initiating acne breakouts, making it essential to maintain a clean and bacteria-free environment for the skin. Through my journey, I discovered powerful hacks that have not only transformed the health of my skin but also helped prevent breakouts. By prioritising cleanliness and eliminating bacteria, I have witnessed a remarkable improvement in my skin's condition. Let's delve into these game-changing skin hacks that have revolutionised my acne-prone skin.

  1. Medical Grade Cleanser: A Shield Against Bacteria Using a medical-grade cleanser as a soap has been a game-changer for me. Before touching or washing my face, I cleanse my hands thoroughly to ensure they are free from any bacteria. When wearing heavy makeup, I even apply the medical-grade cleanser directly to my face to ensure a thorough removal of excess dirt and grime. Additionally, this cleanser works wonders when washing makeup brushes, ensuring their cleanliness and preventing bacteria buildup, which is essential for the health of your skin.

  2. Alcohol Swabs for Tools and Pores To prevent breakouts and maintain a hygienic skincare routine. Before and after using tweezers or derma-blading, I swipe them with alcohol swabs to eliminate any potential bacteria. This simple step ensures that no harmful microbes enter my pores during these procedures. Moreover, I gently swipe my face with the alcohol swabs afterward to further safeguard against external bacteria and maintain a healthy complexion.

  3. The Power of Hydration: Start my day with a liter of water. This practice ensures deep hydration for my skin throughout the day. Hydrated skin is better equipped to handle environmental factors and maintains its elasticity and texture. I have noticed a significant improvement in my skin's overall health and radiance by consistently staying hydrated. Remember, this simple and free tool is accessible to all and can bring noticeable results with consistency. I am loving the Frank Green water bottles as I found myself drinking more water throughout the day. 

  4. Sunscreen as the Ultimate Last Step Understanding the proper application of sunscreen has been a crucial revelation for me. Applying sunscreen as the first step in my skincare and makeup routine used to clog my pores and lead to breakouts. I learned that sunscreen is designed to be the last layer, allowing it to effectively protect your skin from damaging rays while allowing your skincare products to penetrate and work their magic. This knowledge inspired me to create a sunscreen mist that nourishes and protects, effortlessly integrating into your routine. The mist not only enhances your makeup and skin health but also offers convenient reapplication throughout the day, ensuring continuous UVB and UVA protection wherever you go.

Sometimes, I wished someone had shared these powerful skin hacks with me during my own struggles with acne. That's why I am excited to pass on these game-changing hacks to you. I genuinely hope that incorporating these hacks into your skincare routine brings you the same transformation and confidence it has brought me. Remember, skincare is a personal journey, and if you have any specific concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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