Our Story

Our vision is to revolutionize the sun care industry with our groundbreaking and innovative ideas, and become the undisputed leader in the market for sunscreen mists. We are driven by an unshakable passion for finding the absolute best quality and performing products that provide unparalleled protection and satisfaction to our customers.

Our journey began with an unyielding obsession to find the perfect sunscreen, and we realized that the market was missing a product that was both highly effective and incredibly convenient. That's why we decided to take matters into our own hands and create our own formula - one that offers the most superior protection, quality and is incredibly easy to apply.

Our mission is to perfect sunscreen mists in every dimension imaginable, by offering a wide range of options. We are dedicated to making cosmetics that are tailored to our customer's convenience and ease, and that make their lives easier in every way possible.

We understand the value of time-saving products and instant gratification, and we firmly believe that our approach will set us apart from the rest. We are committed to delivering the best quality and performance in the most convenient way possible, so that our customers can rest assured that they are using the absolute best product available on the market.

Ultimately, our goal is to become the number one brand for sun care and cosmetics, and we are absolutely thrilled to be on this exciting journey towards achieving our vision.

Olivia Rae is formulated without compromise.

Glam & Grounded

We are continually working to level up our sustainability efforts. Each component of our FaceShield packaging is guaranteed-recyclable through home recycling streams. The bottle is made from recycled plastic, while the outer box is made from FSC Certified, sustainably sourced paperboard labelled with water-based, eco-friendly ink.

"Beauty should never be a compromise for a busy lifestyle. As a beauty enthusiast who is always on the go, I understand the need for a simple yet effective beauty routine that delivers outstanding results. That's why I founded OLIVIA RAE to curate the highest quality cosmetics that are time-efficient, convenient and provide exceptional results. Our goal is to empower everyone to feel confident and beautiful, without sacrificing precious time or compromising on quality. At OLIVIA RAE, we believe that beauty should be accessible to all, and our mission is to make it effortless and enjoyable, every single time." - Olivia Sepel