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The Secret to Confidence

Written by olivia sepel
“Our biggest gift is our voice”

1. Sage, what do you think has enabled you to have grown into the confident, strong, optimistically opinionated, kind and passionate woman you are? And with that, what advice would you provide to all the young women growing up trying to find their voice?

I think being surrounded by a strong, confident mother has really enabled me to find confidence within myself. She always reminded me that there's only one of me (just like there's only one of you) and so why not be true to that person and be unapologetically yourself? Our biggest gift is our voice, and I think there is no greater power than using it so long it is with respect and kindness. I think something that has enabled me to feel confident in using my own voice is by respecting others people's opinions. If you truly value what those around you have to say, it allows you to value your own opinion as well.

2. Having such an incedingly talented family surrounding you, I am sure it can be very empowering but at other times overwhelming, or not? And if so, how do you stay true to yourself and not so influenced by others?

I feel lucky to be surrounded by such talented people. I am constantly in awe of the creativity that surrounds me, and I am grateful that I have a constant source of entertainment and inspiration! I think it's totally okay to be influenced by others - we are social and creative beings, and so allowing yourself to be collaborative with those around you is a beautiful thing!

3. Before Olivia Rae, did you wear sunscreen? If not, why? And why now do you love to wear OLIVIA RAE every day?

I have worn sunscreen for the past 5 or so years every day - however, I have been on the hunt to find my holy grail product. That's why I was sooo excited when you sent me Oliva Rae, because I have found my holy grail!! I can't wait for Olivia Rae to launch, as it really is my #1 recommended sunscreen product.

4. What are your top 3 beauty products you can't go anywhere without? 

  • This is a really expensive habit, but I am soooo obsessed - my LeLabo Th Noir 29. This scent is everything
  • PillowTalk lipliner (there's a reason it's a cult favourite)
  • Mascara- I actually don't have a favourite one -I mix and match all the time!

5. What is your favourite thing to do when no one is watching?

Oo my mum definitely had an impact on my sense of fashion. when I was younger, she always tried to push me to wear things that didn't fit the status quo. At the time, I didn't want to listen to her, as I just wanted to fit in, but as I've gotten older, I have found a strong appreciation for her wanting me to be creative and experiment with how I dressed. I also wear a lot of my brother's clothes - I love baggy fits, so i often find myself in their cupboards wearing their pants and rolling them up.

6. One secret to success you have learnt from Troye that you use in your personal/ business life?  

Staying connected to your roots is everything. You can have all the fame, money, and "success" in the world - but none of that matters if you don't have the people and relationships to share it with. Family and friendships are everything.